Migration in Progress!

Hey, loves!

Thanks for stopping by!

I’m in the progress of migrating my store from BigCartel to my website here at BombaBling.com. I’m pretty excited about the move, but it’s going to be a bit of a process! My aim is to have it all up and running by this Sunday (May 9th — Mother’s Day!).

I was definitely on the fence about the move. This does mean I’m gonna have to put a lot more work into managing the back-end. But, on the bright side this is going to be a lot more cost-effective for myself, and give me so much more room to grow, flexibility, and control. So I’m stoked. 

In the meantime please feel free to keep using BombaBling @ BigCartel to make your orders. I’ll be announcing on my socials when the move is complete!

Thanks for your patience. And as always give me a shout if you have any questions on my products. 



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